10th Senate will work to restore renewed hope of Nigerians – Akpabio

The new President of Senate, Sen. Godswill Akpabio says the 10th Senate will work to renew hope of Nigerians via people oriented legislations, given the current state of the nation.

He said the senate would also ensure improved revenue stream and proper oversight of MDAs to reduce waste of resources.

Akpabio said this shortly after his election as President of the 10th Senate.

According to him, the country is at a crossroad, grappling with lots of challenges.

” We have just Inherited an economy that requires renewal , revitalisation, I want to thank our President, Bola Tinubu and Vice President Kashim Shettima for steps taken so far that has given a lot of hope to the entire Nigeria Federation and West African sub region.”

He said the senate would try its best to make laws that would ensure foreign direct investment into the country .

He said the Senate would pay attention to issues relating to persons with disability and the vulnerables via engagement of legislative action that would bring about empowerment to stop youths from been recruited into banditry, unknown gunmen, Boko Haram among other vices.

“We will pay attention to insecurity to ensure that our roads are free for people to travel to any parts of the country.

“We will expand legislations to improve the revenue stream of the country, our current president has a track record to improve revenue of the country.

“We are here to do our national duties. This Senate is about Nigeria and Nigerians, so long as the policies that comes to this chamber is about empowering Nigerians,we shall dwell and deliberate on them.

“We will work closely with the executive while maintaining the independence of the legislature.”

Akpabio said he did not believe in politically motivated infrastructure, saying that the 10th Senate would ensure serious oversight functions on MDAs.

This, he said was to discourage waste of resources of the country.

“We will put members of the executive on their toul, particularly the ministers, when they are appointed, we will follow project by project and will do our best in terms of appropriation.

“We will make efforts to assist the President ensure that we produce what we eat for the prosperity of Nigeria.

“We must tackle issues that relates to lean sources of revenue, we must emphasis economic viability, social acceptability, tackling environmental issues and therefore bring about sustainable growth.

“We will provide the required legislative framework and legal environment that will enable President Bola Tinubu anchor the policies of government.

“For the 10th Senate we are going to hit the ground running and make sure that our constituents are proud of us.”

The Sebate President urged the lawmakers to support good policies and programmes of Federal Government.

He commended President Bola Tinubu for removing fuel subsidy, saying that Nigeria must begin to produce its own fuel and encourage production of diesel.

He said the dreams , aspirations and wellbeing of Nigerians would be at the heart of legislative activities of the Senate and urged Nigerians to pray for the lawmakers.