Buhari calls on Nigerians to consistently embrace ethics, values that unite all

MINA Blog- President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria has stressed the need for Nigerians, irrespective of their socio-political backgrounds, to consistently embrace the ethics and values that unite them in spite of the nation’s diversity.

Speaking on Thursday September 30, 2021 at the closing edition of Nigeria@60 activities in Abuja, the president said Nigerians must appreciate their individual and collective roles in nation building and forge ahead as a people with a common vision as a strong and indivisible nation.

He said: “For this diversity to translate into positive gains that would ensure an inclusive, equitable and sustainable growth, it requires that Nigerians must consistently embrace the ethics and values that unite us. We must forge ahead as a people with a common vision as a strong and indivisible nation.

“For me, this is the key message of today’s activities. Today’s event is anchored on the importance of our discovering our great Nation TOGETHER and not discovering it in our individual spaces.

“I am sure some of us have gone through the various stands at this venue and as we went through the Discover Nigeria pavilion, we must have been struck with not only the beauty but also the intensity of the common strands running through our culture.

“As we all march towards building the Nigeria of our dreams, Government will continue to provide the enabling environment for citizens to achieve their dreams while we count on their support to make Nigeria a better place for all.’’

According to the president, citizens must all come together to propagate a new and positive narrative that Nigeria is ready to harness its own resources to become a global player in commerce, governance, arts, sports and other fields of endeavour.

“I want to emphasize that, for the attainment of any sustainable development, unity is important.

“Let us unite as a nation and be irrevocably committed to one indivisible Nigeria,’’ he added.

President Buhari, who said that he was excited to be unveiling the book “Discover Nigeria”, said the event “broadly makes the case why we should always be positive about our country.’’

He reiterated his administration’s commitment to bequeathing a sustainable democratic culture, saying it remains “my pursuit of a fair society.

“As I look round this hall and marvel at the scenery, I feel the more challenged to keep my word in my 2021 Democracy Day speech.

“My commitment to bequeathing a sustainable democratic culture remains resolute, my pursuit of a fair society remains unshaken and my desire to see that Nigeria remains a country for each and every one of us has never been stronger”.

He used the opportunity to also congratulate the Inter-Ministerial Committee of Nigeria at 60 for organising the event.

The president also congratulated all the awardees of the event and called on Nigerians to work hard in their respective callings to make sure that they bequeath a better country for incoming generation.

“This award is unique, not only to the recipients but to the Nation as it marks a significant epoch in our Nation’s history, just like the Centenary awards. Being different from the Nigerian National Merit Award, it has given us another opportunity to encourage Nigerians that individual achievements would always be rewarded.

“As we close the 60th anniversary celebrations today and look forward to the beginning of a better, brighter and greater Nigeria come tomorrow, when we begin our 61st year as a Nation, it is my hope that our march to unity and greatness gathers momentum,’’ he added..

Joseph Blackstone, who died while attempting to rescue fellow citizens from a boat accident in 2018, was among those honoured with Presidential Special award at the event.

President Buhari also unveiled ‘‘Discover Nigeria’’, a pictorial book on Nigeria’s history, covering the period from Independence in 1960 to the present.

The 392-page book, authored by Bayo Omoboriowo, the President’s official photographer, showcases the country’s rich traditional institutions, ingenuity of its people, the beauty of its landscape, the richness of its farmlands, stunning waterfalls and seas, among others.

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