How young Nigerians can provide solutions to significant problems in this generation – Osinbajo

*VP attends Nigerian University of Technology & Management Scholars programme graduation, says hard work, consistency key


*Adds: Ground-breaking innovation in technology or commerce is the product of well-trained people


*Urges collaboration of public, private sector to build innovative institutions


Effective collaboration between the public and private sector to build world class institutions focused on innovation in science, technology and management sciences, would help proffer solutions to the country’s challenges through its academic products, according to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN.


Prof. Osinbajo stated this today in his keynote address to the founding class (2021) of the Nigerian University of Technology and Management (NUTM), a top notch school of innovation and technology focused on nurturing leaders in Nigeria and Africa, promoted by Dr. Okey Enelamah, immediate past Industry, Trade & Investment Minister.


According to the Vice President, “the most significant problems of this generation, especially in Africa, will require innovation in science, technology and the management sciences, especially entrepreneurship and innovative leadership, if we are to stand a chance of resolving them.”


Speaking at the institution’s maiden graduation ceremony of its flagship Scholars Programme, the Vice President noted that the graduands of the NUTM programme have what it takes to be among those who would in the future provide solutions to national and global challenges in different sectors.


He said, “I think sitting before us today, the graduands of the NUTM Scholars Programme, we might just be beholding the men and women with the answers to some of the world’s most significant challenges. And there are many challenges indeed.


“We need to invent and produce cutting-edge AI applications for education, business, medicine and security. We need to design the educational innovation required to train millions of children in or out of classrooms all across the country and on our continent, and provide the techniques for delivering opportunities in technology on scale.”


Prof. Osinbajo added that, “clearly in Agriculture, we need to invent advanced devices, precision agriculture methodologies,  and robotic systems that will guarantee the huge yields per acreage or volumes in dairy and livestock to meet the food security needs of a country headed for the third position in global population size in a few short years.


“And we are waiting for the breakthrough in the treatment of  peculiar African health challenges such as sickle cell disease, fibroids and cancers. There is so much to do. But we know that ground-breaking innovation in technology or commerce will always be the product of the work of well-trained people.


 “Which is why the NUTM Scholars Programme was designed to offer cutting-edge knowledge in Technology, Entrepreneurship and Design; Management; Perspectives in breakthrough Leadership ideas, Critical thinking and Writing.”


According to him, the goal of the University ” is to train and equip highly sophisticated crack technology, innovation and management experts. You are the first cut of that dream team. And we are holding our breath waiting for you to step into your destined roles.”


Encouraging the students to make good use of the knowledge they got from the institution, the Vice President gave three take aways.


He said, “first, every major innovative breakthrough in science, technology or the social sciences was the product of patient collaborative work, sometimes across nations. There is no innovation yet around the hard and, sometimes, long task of creating rare value.


“Second the reason why most people will never attain significance is because they are only interested in themselves and their personal successes. But to earn significance one must do something much bigger than oneself, a big idea, a massive game changer should always be your target .


“Third is developing a mind-set that you are as good as anyone who has ever developed a game changing idea. Problem solving innovators are, after all, men and women not spirits. And this is important because the way not to achieve is to have a mind that is incapable of seeing huge things.”


While commending  the founders, management and academics of the NUTM for the great work, Prof. Osinbajo encouraged the graduands that  “those who built Dubai are men and women, not spirits.”


In his welcome remarks, Dr. Enelamah, who is also the Chairman, Governing Board of the University, thanked the Vice President for taking time out of his very busy schedule to attend the event. 


He added that the Nigerian University of Technology and Management is a pioneering higher education institution that has been established to nurture leaders and innovators to create impact in Africa and other parts of the world.

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