Nigeria: NCC urges corporate organisations to Invest in creative sector

The Nigerian Copyright Commission has urged corporate organisations to support the creative sector, specifically young talents.

This, according to them, is aimed at putting the nation on the map of creativity and intellectual property worldwide.

The Director-General, NCC, Dr John Asein, urged them in an interview at the 2023 National Creative Writing Competition and Prize Giving Ceremony for Secondary School Students in Abuja on Tuesday.

Asein stated that it is necessary for corporate organisations to invest in young talent because people put their money where their interests lie.

According to him, NCC had taken the first steps in encouraging corporate organisations on the need to invest in the creative sector and the young ones.

He said, “We have Multi-choice, Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria, Nigerian Publishers Association, and Association of Nigerian Authors supporting the initiative.

“The young ones are the owners of tomorrow, and if there is no provision and nurturing of them, they would look back in old age to see a dysfunctional Nigeria. Thus the call on corporate organisations to put in more of their resources in the creative sector and in the areas that will nurture and provide manure for young talents to grow.

The NCC boss stated that there is a need to do more in rewarding more people who are into intellectual exercise, adding that while other creative sectors are doing well, some are being neglected.

He emphasised the need to reward children and support them in their areas of interest stating poetry, writing, spoken words, or any creative writing among others.