Nigeria: President Buhari congratulates FBN on 40 years of cross-border banking in the UK

President Muhammadu Buhari extends warm felicitations to the Board, Management, and Staff of First Bank Nigeria (FBN) for cross-border services in the United Kingdom for 40 years, sharing almost 130 years of banking experience.

President Buhari notes the competence and professionalism that have become the hallmark of FBN over many years, winning and retaining the trust of customers in Nigeria, and beyond, like in the United Kingdom, and successfully consolidating on its benchmark of reliability and professionalism.

As the FBN, United Kingdom celebrates 40 years anniversary, the President believes the strength and buoyancy of any country depend largely on the capacity of the banking sector, extolling the organization for steady rise and expansion, with remarkable awards for transparency, accountability, and reliability.

President Buhari congratulates FBN, the United Kingdom for the milestone, and well-deserved acceptance and credence, urging the bank to further leverage on its strengths to retain the trust and confidence of the banking public.