Nigeria: Tinubu promises to work tirelessly to bring country back from economic brinks

President Bola Tinubu has assured Nigerians that his administration would work tirelessly to ensure that the country is brought back from the economic brinks to that of economic resilience

The president who was speaking in Lagos on Thursday at a reception in his honour by the Lagos state government, said Nigerians will continue to reap the rewards of our administration’s new economic reforms after the time of sacrifice needed to transform the nation.

He said that these rewards would be replicated in all the states and local governments of the country through the active participation of all the three tiers of government.

The president appreciated the governors and the members of the national assembly present at the event, adding that the solidarity must continue for the betterment of Nigerians.

“We will work together in an open door policy that will bring Nigeria from the brinks back to a resilient economy; be ready.

“You governors, I know what I am going to do from Monday, Tuesday, up. I want us to be partners so that we can rescue our country and make it whole again.

“We shall receive the joy of giving, the joy of perseverance, the joy of resilience and endurance. You will see the reward. For this country is going to be prosperous for us.

“I am happy that the legislature, the executive arms of government are here. I appreciate it and I will continue to appreciate it more when we work together to dissect the possible economic prospects of our nation in favour of our children.”

The president said he will not allow the country’s huge population to be disappointed because it was not an alternative for him.

“The reason you voted for me is to see changes that will affect not only you but your children and we are set to realise that by re-engineering the economy to exploit it full potential.”

Tinubu was honoured by the Lagos state government as a gift to the country.

The Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, had earlier thanked the president and members of the national and states assemblies for the visit which came exactly a month after the president’s inauguration.

“We in Lagos are sure that the framework of the development which you have laid in the state and it’s impact on the lives of resident will be reciprocated in the country as a whole.

“Nobody will see Lagos and not be ready to follow the trend. You have made Lagos a model state that other states come to imbibe its concept of development. We are giving you to the country as a gift.”

He pledged the governors commitment to realising the noble concept contained in the renewed hope agenda of the Tinubu-led administration.