NIPR sympathises with Nigerians, condems attack on Kaduna-Abuja Train

MINA Blog- Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) has sympathised with Nigerians over the callous attack on the Kaduna-Abuja train.


In a statement signed by Malam Mukhtar Zubairu Sirajo, President/ Chairman, Governing Council on Tuesday, the attack, which was followed by deaths injury to, and abduction of yet unspecified number of passengers is not only unfortunate and unacceptable, but also a sad reminder of the descent into the abyss that security situation, especially in that part of the country, has fallen.


According to the President “Nobody or group has the right to continously subject people to this kind of reign of terror, dehumanising them and seemingly getting away with it.”


“While the Institute appreciates the gallant role being played by our armed forces and other security and law enforcement agencies to square up to the bandits perpetrating these heinous acts, it is clear that that a lot more needs to be done to inspire the confidence of the people. The earlier attack on the same route, which occurred in October last last year ought to have served as a wake up call for the system to be more proactive to forestall what was a not so unexpected occurrence, given the seeming over reliance of commutters on the train service as a safer alternative to plying the Abuja-Kaduna road.”


“There’s the very urgent need for our security agencies to restrategise and get on top of the situation rather than wait to react. Government on its part must spare no effort in continuing to provide the armed forces and security agencies with all logistical requirements to enable them up the ante in this must-win war. The intelligence gathering processes must also be given a short in the arm to enable the agencies get ahead of these criminal in all ways imaginable.”


“The NIPR expresses its heartfelt condolences to families of the deceased, Federal and Kaduna State governments, prayers for the prompt rescue of those abducted as well as speedy recovery for the injured.”

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