President Tinubu wants Africa to confront `new generation of threats’

Bola Tinubu has called in African nations to work together to confront the “new generation of threats” facing the continent.

Tinubu gave the advice while addressing graduates of Senior Course 45 of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College (AFCSC) Jaji, on Friday.

The President added that non-state actors now stalk Africa in search for nations to plunder and people to oppress.

He added that the threats were exacerbated by urgent competition for precious resources across the continent.

“In too many instances, the contest turns violent. Areas that should blossom into economic prosperity and hope, become factories of pillage and oppression.

“In Africa, this condition is perhaps our greatest challenge and harshest injustice,” he added.

He said that efforts such as the multinational collaboration of Nigeria, Cameroun, Niger and Chad to bring peace to Lake Chad region, must be replicated across the continent to surmount the security challenges.

“Everyday these malign actors hold sway over even an inch of African territory takes us a day farther away from our intended and best destiny.

“Your role in combating this grave evil is crucial. For we call on you to defend not only our land and resources but our people and their democratic existence,” Tinubu charged the officers.

Describing the AFCSC as a bastion of learning and practice, Tinubu said it opens the door of promise and future advance to mid-level officers of the Armed Forces.

“It prepares them for higher responsibility while ensuring the standardisation of staff duties and functions throughout our Nigerian Armed Forces,” he said.

The President said that the threats in Nigeria were asymmetric and trans-national, and called on the Armed Forces to combat the grave evil, by defending not only Nigeria’s land and resources, but also the people and their democratic existence.

He pledged to deploy the entire machinery of state power to ensure security of Nigeria, its people and property in a just and democratic society.

Earlier, the Commandant of the College, AVM Hassan Alhaji, said the students went through 48 weeks of series of trainings and academics.

He said that for over 40 years since the College’s establishment, it has kept faith with excellence in military instruction and preparedness of officer corps.

“The participants of Senior Course 45, have kept loyal to this outstanding tradition,” he added, and thanked President Tinubu, the Chief of Defence Staff, and Service Chiefs for their support to the college.

A total of 291 officers drawn from Army, Navy, Air Force, Defense Intelligence Agency, some international military students, paramilitary, Ministries, Departments and Agencies, participated in the course.